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Akademia Arte no Industria Kriativain Tetun language—, was a festival that took place at the Dili Convention Centre in July 2011. The aim of this unique event was to present the best of the nation’s traditional and modern creative landscape and key people. The project involved the curation, design, art direction and production management of a series of events in collaboration with the former Secretary of State for Culture, and in partnership with Queensland College of Arts (Griffith University) in Australia. The event included:


  • Developing a concept to stage Timorese music and dance though different time eras, from pre-Portuguese colonisation to post-Independence, showcasing the cultural variety and rich mix of influence that has shaped Timorese performance arts until today. The concert included hundreds of performers from a cross the country and lasted over 3h.

  • Programming a three day international conference with several panels of experts on subjects ranging from Timorese visual arts to architecture, language, crafts, anthropology and more. 

  • Design a public exhibition showcasing the Tatoli ba Kultura research project.

  • Curating a film programme.

  • Coordinate fashion show. 

  • Coordinate an arts & crafts design fair.

  • Design a catalogue of the event.

The event was directly supported by Xanana Gusmão, former Prime Minister of Timor-Leste; please read here his opening speech. Following the event, the Academy of Arts and Creative Industries was included in the 2012-2017 Legislature Program of the V Constitutional Government

© Logo by Elena Tognoli. Photos courtesy of Luke Monsour.

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